Will this cost any money?

None! Nada! Zilch! No hidden fees! Absolutely no cost to you. Now, read on and see if I can be of assistance to you or to someone you are trying to help.

Who is giving the free guidance?

Industry professionals with over 35 years of experience in ownership of model agencies and model management including.....

  • Management of international model assignments for such well-known actresses as Amanda Righetti, Jaime Pressly, Katherine Morris, Gina Holden, Emmanuelle Vaugier and more.
  • Management of hundreds of models who achieved success with coverage in magazines such as 'L'Officiel'; 'Elle', ‘Vogue’, ‘Vingt-Cinq Ans’ and many, many more.
  • And who work with top agencies such as ‘Elite’, ‘Next’, ‘IMG’, ‘Women’, ‘Ford’, ‘Trump’, ‘Major’, ‘Marilyn’, ‘Boss’, ‘Wilhelmina’, ‘Storm’, ‘Viva’, ‘Louisa’, ‘Satoru’, ‘Donna’, ‘Bon Image’, ‘Cosmopolitan’ and many more.

Do I really need the free guidance?

Guidance will be for those models who fit the requirements of most top model agents. However, there are always exceptions to every rule. Please submit your information and let the professionals make an accurate evaluation.

What if I am under 18 years of age?

Guidance is given to both the parents and/or guardians and the model. The most successful model careers are when strong family ties and support are present. We will always give the guidance to the parents in addition to the model, when a model is under eighteen.

Do I need to live in a large city?

No!. You can live in any city or town anywhere in the USA or Canada. Let’s find out first if you have what it takes to be a professional top model and then go from there. You can always plan for your future if you know you have the requirements for a successful career.

What if I am with an agency?

We only give guidance to those people who are “not” signed by an agency. If you are signed with an agency then you don’t need the guidance as your agent will guide you.

What if I do not have any experience at all?

Great!. We have found some of the best models in everyday situations. If you have the desire and you think you have what it takes, then submit your information. It is 100% free.

Will I need to submit photos?

Yes!. The business of being a fashion model is based on your physical appearance. We can only give professional guidance if we can see what you look like. You “do not” need professional photos for submission. Send any photos where we can see what you look like.

What happens to the information I submit?

Your information is safe. We will review your information and photos. If you appear to fit into the basic model requirements, you will be contacted. Again, you will “not” be sold anything and your contact information will not be used for anything else.

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